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Are you interested in trying Machine Embroidery? This is a great mid-level Viking Designer Red Ruby Royale. Just serviced, has 215 hours on it. Comes with all orriginal eqipment, a good variety of feet, automatic button hole foot, sylus, bobbins, spool caps, thread mesh, and screw driver and cleaning brush. Also comes with Cable and thumb drive to connect ot your computer for transferring embroidery files, user manuel, plus built in manuel, two hoops 120x120, 360x200. Plus many extras travel bag for the machine and embroidery arm, walking foor, 4 other feet, Thread stand three hole yarn foot, free motion foot, Large Sew Steady table with drawer, Custom flat bed if you have a drop down sewing table. I upgraded to a new machine and would be happy to help you get started. contact Bernadette



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