Supply list:

*Fabric for the front-enough to make a 4”x6” postcard—although it is wise to cut fabric 5x7”and trim to 4”x6” after it is quilted.

*Embellishing materials such as yarns, crystals, threads, etc.

*Quilt batting-any thin type will do. Good way to use up scraps. Also, you don't even need to use batting if you aren’t going to quilt your postcard.

*Heavy duty fusible interfacing/stabilizer—fusible on both sides. (Pellon/Timtex/ Fast2Fuse)

*Plain cotton fabric for the back

*Permanent fabric markers






1. Piece, appliqué, or embellished the front of your postcard as desired. This is your time to get creative and experiment. Have fun!

2. Layer front fabric with a piece of batting. You may want to use spray adhesive to hold the two layers together. Quilt as desired. (You may decide not to quilt it and that is ok too. In that case you don't need a layer of batting)

3. Layer your front (quilted or not quilted), a piece of heavy wt fusible interfacing and the back of your postcard (plain cotton fabric). Iron both sides of the sandwich according to interfacing directions. Be careful not to scorch it.

4. Trim to 4”x6”

5. Finish the edges with a satin stitch, button hole stitch, or zigzag stitch.

6. Finish the back of your postcard with permanent markers. 


If you would like to save or print a copy, here is the pdf file.

Fabric Postcards.pdf
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