2024 Charity Projects


Sew Day August 17th 9-4

Christ the King Lutheran Church

4383 Durston Road



Kits will be available at the August 13th meeting. They are partially done. You'll need to:

  1. Turn the main part inside out and sew opening closed (no need to topstitch).
  2. Turn inside out and top stitch the part that will hold the velcro.
  3. Add the velcro (see photo for placement)
  4. Center them and sew together




Sew Day October 15th Stitch Off Seventh


Projects to be announced.

ALSO the following items are NOT scheduled for a sew day, but would be much appreciated anytime! Charity will collect and distribute:



https://www.scribd.com/doc/48643638/FD-Wrap-Pouch-Tutorial http://sewing-adventures.com/tag/burial-bunting

Square blankets sizes can vary for eg.: 6” x 6” 8”x8” 12”X12” 15”x15” 18”X18” 24”X24”

These blankets are doubled, turned inside out and top stitched. I added a bow in one corner. You can do a google search to see many different tutorials for this type of blanket.


QUILTS: Twin and Queen Sizes needed for Family Promise


QUILTS: Any Size for Love Inc.

What to bring to Charity Sew days:


Basic Sewing supplies to include, but not limited to:

• Sewing machine

• Thread (neutral color -gray, cream, white)

• Machine needles

• Rotary cutter

• Straight pins

• Rulers (24” and 12” are ideal and SOS also has a few)

• Scissors


Surge protectors, ironing boards, irons and cutting mats are provided at Stitch Off Seventh.

The Bozeman Health Foundation shared this video of Mary, Bev and Susan delivering the hearts you made. Enjoy and THANK YOU!


NOTE:  Donations of fabric, quilt tops, and unfinished quilts may be accepted or rejected by Committee Chair and Co-chairs according to need and space available.  All other donations may be used at Guild fund raising events such as Garage Sales, etc. and stored by donator.   If we find we are in need of fabric or tops a call will be sent out.  We know how generous our Guild members are but we do not have the space to store all that is given.

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